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Each child is an individual, with varying degrees of confidence. My aim is to build their confidence to their maximum potential creating enthusiasm for greater learning in an enjoyable and fun environment.


This is vital in making each child  leave with self worth. Some achieve worthy scholarships and even a few have secured a place at Eton.


Children have mixed abilities some suffering from examination nerves. It is necessary to assess your child before attending class to measure their strengths and areas for development. Children are NOT selected to guarantee my ratings as I have managed to turn children round through my teaching skills. Those with poor results will be monitored and parents consulted about their progress.


Teaching Expectations

For your child to join my class they must:

~ Be at the classes because they want to (Not feeling forced)

~ Be prepared to do the regular set homework

~ Have a hunger to learn new skills to aspire to their goals

~ Enjoy the experience in a competitive environment

~ Display good behaviour in class


Lastly, for the Parents

You must also be committed to the training, equally supporting your child’s learning at home in enjoyable ways

If you want to join up, contact me now!
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